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Constantly evolving wordage...

As writers, we’re always nicking ideas and inspiration from each other.

Pilfering, nicking, cherry picking...always looking for the best wordy fruit to find new ways of expressing what we really wanted to say.

The other week I came across a brilliant piece that Jon Biddle’s class at Moorlands Primary, in Belton, Great Yarmouth had put together.

It was a ‘Rights of the Reader’ - a manifesto for reading - almost like a list of demands on us - their guides and teachers. I absolutely loved it so I wrote this piece as a rhymey whymey version.

It was only then I discovered that their class work was an exploration of the work of Daniel Pennac, who had famously worked with Quentin Blake on the original ‘Rights of the Reader’. It appears that words have bred words have bred words.

I guess one of you will now have to write a short story, or a novella, or a haiku around my poem so the word evolution can continue!

The original Daniel Pennac/Quentin Blake piece are is below. 🙂

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