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Ten poems of empathy to share with the world

Never before has the skill of having empathy been more important.

If the impact that this last six months has had on all of us has taught us one thing, it’s that the ability to put yourself in someone else’s place, see through their eyes, walk in their shoes - however you want to put it - is going to be key when assembling the new ‘normal’ that we crave so much ’Post COVID’

June 9th was a day to celebrate that skill as it was Empathy Day.

Organised by EmpathyLab, who are a fantastic organisation I’ve been working with over the past year to encourage the use of great stories to encourage empathy in young people, it was a real festival of sharing - with the poetry community offering its fair share of wonderful words.

You can find out more about EmpathyLab here - www.empathylab.uk

Here are ten of the best - a mere selection of those pieces posted online during the day including one from yours truly.

They are wide ranging and often tackle some difficult issues, but all contain that ability to think and feel from other people’s perspective - or remind us that community is truly the most treasured thing we have.

1. Coral Rumble

This first offering from Coral Rumble (@RumbleCoral) looks at life from the view of a young person dealing with a relative who has dementia. It explores those heartbreaking moments when memories may have become ‘locked inside’

2. Geneviève Walsh

Next up is everyone’s favourite rock and roll goth poet, Geneviève Walsh (@genwalshpoet), with a piece that tickled the literary taste buds in a host of ways - but encouraged us if nothing else to share what’s on our plate.