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As Schools Manager for EmpathyLab  and a member of the organisation's core team, Paul is proud to be working at the very heart of one of the most exciting missions in Children's Literature.


Using books and stories to develop children's empathy skills, their aim is to reach over a million children by 2026. Through the Affiliate Schools Programme, the annual Read for Empathy collection and Empathy Day each year they are well on track for this, reaching well over 400,000 children in

schools on Empathy Day 2022.


Working with top Authors and publishers, Paul is helping to inspire a new national conversation about empathy teaching and how by reading stories together, we really can help to change the world,

If you would like to learn more about how the EmpathyLab can enhance your childrens' learning feel free to speak to Paul, or follow the link below direct to the Empathy Lab website.

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