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His favourite workshop to run. Start the school day with a poetry assembly where Paul will perform a selection of his sillier work to get the kids relaxed and engaged,


Then, it's into the classroom working with pupils to create a brand new piece of poetry, from serious to silly and all inbetween. Sessions can be themed around topics if schools wish and Paul has delivered workshops to create school prayers and anniversary celebrations as well as pieces on healthy lifestyles, bullying, online safety and remembrance. 


All poetry workshops come with a meet and greet woven into the sessions where inspired mini humans can ask Paul questions about writing, performance, publishing and touring. Pupils will also have the opportunity to take home copies of his work to read at home with a book signing at the end of the day.

Workshop days can be tailored to suit your class sizes and ever-shrinking school budgets, two things that as an ex-Head of Department Paul is all too aware of - so please do get in contact!

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