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Show Review - Straight Outta Estonia

The show -  A group of Estonian comedians (and a token guy from Latvia) set out to entertain us for fifty minutes. 

One thing I learned about Estonia from this show.

Estonia has a large amount of swampland in it. Who’d have thought? The comparison with the plot of Shrek and your home country is a pretty funny line of material. Great work.

Ten things I hope ‘Straight Outta Estonia’ take back from the fringe. 

1- Seven acts in a 50 minute slot? - That’s way too many.

2- Sitting all seven acts at the back of the room blocking the way for anyone to get in or out? - It feels really intimidating. 

3- Laughing at in jokes among you? - It doesn’t carry to the rest of us.

4- Laughing loudly over the punchlines of your fellow acts? - Doesn’t help them build any momentum with the crowd you hope pay you at the end of the night.

5- Picking on only women in an audience that is 90% male and you’re doing crowd interaction with?- It gets noticed. 

6- Find some non-male Estonian comedians and bring some of them too next time. 

7- We don’t need any more routines about any of your genitals. 

8- It helps if you listen to your fellow comedians’ acts. Asking the same questions as the guy before is always going to get the same answer. And the third time too.

9- Jokes about rape - they’re not funny. At all. In any context. 

10- The word ‘retarded’ got dropped from the lexicon over here a pretty long time ago now. That’s an English word at least four of you need to unlearn.

That’s pretty much it.

‘Straight Outta Estonia’ is playing at Ciao Roma until 24th Aug at 7:05pm daily.

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