• pauljenkinspoet

Show Review - Straight Outta Estonia

The show -  A group of Estonian comedians (and a token guy from Latvia) set out to entertain us for fifty minutes. 

One thing I learned about Estonia from this show.

Estonia has a large amount of swampland in it. Who’d have thought? The comparison with the plot of Shrek and your home country is a pretty funny line of material. Great work.

Ten things I hope ‘Straight Outta Estonia’ take back from the fringe. 

1- Seven acts in a 50 minute slot? - That’s way too many.

2- Sitting all seven acts at the back of the room blocking the way for anyone to get in or out? - It feels really intimidating. 

3- Laughing at in jokes among you? - It doesn’t carry to the rest of us.

4- Laughing loudly over the punchlines of your fellow acts? - Doesn’t help them build any momentum with the crowd you hope pay you at the end of the night.

5- Picking on only women in an audience that is 90% male and you’re doing crowd interaction with?- It gets noticed. 

6- Find some non-male Estonian comedians and bring some of them too next time. 

7- We don’t need any more routines about any of your genitals. 

8- It helps if you listen to your fellow comedians’ acts. Asking the same questions as the guy before is always going to get the same answer. And the third time too.

9- Jokes about rape - they’re not funny. At all. In any context. 

10- The word ‘retarded’ got droppe