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PJ & TJ's Poetical Pack Of Fun

PJ & TJ's Poetical Pack Of Fun


Pj & TJ's Poetical Pack Of Fun has 12 all new illustrated poems from Paul and Thomas Jenkins for kids of all ages to enjoy. Each poem comes with an activity too, ranging from wiritng poetry, to crosswords, business plans and creating new characters.

We're all for laughing as we learn.

This PDF version is for you to download and print out at home for personal use and is not to be sold on or redistributed.

Anyone interested in this for schools, please contact us directly for the special schools package.


Priced at only £1.49, £1.00 of that goes to a charity close to Paul's heart - Centrepoint, who focus on homeless youngsters and ensuring they have food and shelter whilst helping them get back into education.


For more details on the charity, head over to


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