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Doodles from my noodle cover

Doodles From My Noodle


I like to doodle.


Oodles of doodles

Doodles of noodles

And doodles of poodles

But not doodles of strudels….


Doodles don’t take a lot of thinking about. They just fall out of your head onto a bit of paper and there they are. Captured forever in black and white. Little pictures that bring you a smile.


Turns out words can do that too - tumbling out in all manner of shapes and sizes, bringing poetic chaos in their wake. But it’s ok - Paul caught all the words as well.


And he put them with the doodles. From his noodle. In a book.


Maybe you could try and do the same?


The latest book from poet Paul Jenkins is his largest collection yet, complete with self penned doodles. The overriding message of the collection is to encourage younger writers to be brave and try their own noodle doodles! Get those ideas out of the brain and on to the page.

SKU: 978-1-9998177-5-6
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