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Poem of the Week - Phoebe, Elton Primary School

This week I got back to the nuts & bolts of my day job; visiting schools, performing my work, answering questions about being a writer and hopefully inspiring a few pupils to want to do the same as I go.

And so on a miserable, wet Monday morning I trudged all my poetry paraphernalia out of my car and began the new term in earnest at a local school in Bury. Elton is a great little school close to the centre of town. It’s one which I had briefly visited last year as part of an anti bullying project - and it couldn’t have been a better start to my school year.

As well as delivering an assembly I visited nine classes across the day and was blown away as ever by the energy & ideas from the children. It was a day filled with a ton of smiles from the kids and a really friendly staff team.

Imagine my joy when I was tweeted the following morning as it appears that the day was enough of an inspiration for one pupil to go home and write (without any prompting) a piece of their own. Getting messages like that really is the best part of my job.

Phoebe has put together a great series of rhyming couplets which combines my two favourite things to write about. Wildlife & anti-social guttural noises. It made me smile a lot and I hope it does the same for you too. It just had to be my poem of the week.

Thanks Elton Primary - I really hope to see you again soon!


I went shopping and I saw a bear!

The bear gave me a dare,

I had to burp as loud as I could in the shop,

Before the dare was continued he gave me some pop,

My Burp was the loudest - not even the bear could beat me,

It was so loud it scared the slightest bee, 

It also scared all the animals away,

Including all the birds prey.